barangaroo structures competition

barrangaroo, sydney

design competition


Atoma was invited as part of a group of Australian women architects, to participate in the first Barrangaroo Structures competition for a contemporary pavilion to be be built in 2019.

Plastic Midden is a proposal for a pavilion made entirely of recycled plastic. It is a contemporary interpretation of the historical aboriginal shell middens, a modern day rubbish pile that speaks of our time.

It is a form that is ambivalent in its reading, that both reflects on the historic shell middens of the past and evokes plastic floating in our waters.

We proposed to collect plastic bottles from Barangaroo for one year prior to the opening of the pavilion through specially designed bins in the area.

The pavilion is deliberately shaped to incite provocative thought, to create spaces for reflection and to host cultural events and discussions.

We envisage that the pavilion will have an after life beyond its time at Barangaroo, and installed on other sites around Australia.

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