numero uno coffee




The flagship store developed for Numero Uno reflects a new direction for the brand and represents their evolution from wholesale roasters into the world of retail.

The main coffee counter extends the full width of the space, with a brew bar and a stand up espresso ledge wrapping around the side and rear walls, which are lined with product display above. the shallow depth of this space serves to bring the product forward, within arms reach of the counter.

The logo, an abstracted number one, is turned on its side and the edges folded down to inform the geometry of the main coffee counter. the linear brand pattern is projected onto the white birch ceiling to create an intimate canopy over the store.

The material palette, comprised of earthy compressed fibre cement sheet and natural white birch is complemented with warm brass detailing, which adds a polished and sophisticated edge, symbolic of the brand.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 9.33.39 am cop