heaven's loft

melbourne, victoria


in development

A majestic Salvation Army Barracks, located in Melbourne, was operational as a refuge until 1996, when it was purchased by a local couple who converted it into their residence. 

A series of quirky, postmodern layers have been added over the years, resulting in a contemporary mix of old and new fabric. 

Atoma Design has been engaged to develop the main residence and rear loft into a livable home for a family with adult children. The rear of the property has direct access to one of Melbourne's characteristic stone laneways. 

The architectural concept for the proposal is an overlay of an historical walled city, with an internal network of laneways and the existing semi-circular kitchen which is at the heart of the space.


This conceptual diagram allows for suprise and delight, as the floor plan is a series of laneways that enable you to navigate through the different functions of the house, creating interesting and unexpected spatial moments, as you would discover wandering through the laneways of a walled city.