victoria point foyer

multi-residential + public space

potts point, sydney


[under construction]

The design of the Victoria Point foyer, located in a multi residential apartment building built circa 1970 in Potts Point, Sydney, incorporates a conceptual material ribbon made out of curved walls with arched shaped timber battens.

The ribbon concept provides a greater fluidity in circulation throughout the site and is visible from all areas of the foyer.

A whitewashed timber ribbon screen at high level provides a new entrance reception for the foyer, connecting the exiting spaces with new timber curved walls

The existing double height space is retained and transformed into a light box allowing natural light to penetrate into the foyer through a series of glass panels. 

The external courtyard and greenery is brought into the internal foyer space through these glass panels and louvres provide natural ventilation for the space so that air-conditioning is not required.